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We provide an initial consultation free of charge, where we meet with you and provide a full demonstration of the system.

However – a demo is always generic and won’t show you all the many ways it would benefit your unique business. This is why we offer a trial of the system, to prove that it works for you.

We won’t charge you for your trial – because we are confident that you will want to keep it afterwards.

Get started quickly

Once you are happy with the results, we build your environment for you and help you get started. Soon you will be well on the way to beating the competition on efficiency, capability and profit

Ongoing support

As a live client, we help you with all levels of support directly, without using third party providers. We also work towards constant improvements to help our solutions work even better based on your needs.

What’s included?

For a low monthly cost you get a bespoke mobile application and an online management information system, with dashboards for analytics and reporting.

Scantech provides everything you need, such as handsets, NFC tags, software and mobile SIM card with a great value tariff. (If you have your own mobile provider you can also get a SIM card from them if you wish.)

See it in action

Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation discussing your particular needs.

Checklist: The hidden costs of your mobile workforce

Learn to spot the most costly challenges of managing mobile teams remotely. We’re happy to help you to address these challenges - without expensive up-front investment.

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